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I used to be Miss Jillian Kipling until i met and recently married the wonderful Mr Howard, so many of my published articles have my former surname - Kipling.

My Green Contribution:

Quoting from the book “The Tenth Insight” by James Redfield; on business ethics :

Instead of asking what product or service I can develop to make the most money, we’re beginning to ask “What can I produce that liberates and informs and makes the world a better place, yet also preserves a delicate environmental balance?”

A new code of ethics is needed in business. Coaching liberates and informs, but what am I doing to preserve our environment? Click here if you want to know J

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About Jillian

Financial planning has been in my blood for a very long time. Long before qualified (CFP) financial planners were heard of, in the almost prehistoric days when insurance brokers were let loose to sell financial products in any conceivable manner they could, I worked as a deceased estates administrator. If you haven’t implemented proper financial planning in your lifetime, let me tell you: it all comes unglued at the edges when you die.  On the upside I was able to wind up a few estates where proper financial planning was in place and witness the total relief of families that didn’t have financial stress (and all that it brings with it , like relocating, selling up etc) added to their grief.

Estate departments also look after assets under curatorship and my exposure there to the different asset classes and their performances over the years (some records went back 30 odd years) started my intense curiosity with understanding how investments worked and impacted on wealth creation over time. Just like any other young, ambitious creature I wanted to make money in the best way possible and so decided to study “finances”. I wanted to help myself first J and then transfer my knowledge to the masses, to prevent the confusion and heartache that I witnessed so often.

I studied long and hard (BCom, CFP) and worked even harder at various investment, insurance and banking institutions. When I thought I knew enough (from experience as well as academics), I became a Financial Planner. I loved being a planner and worked as one for many years. I did however notice that a great deal of fellow financial planners (or advisors, as they are sometimes called) seemed to struggle with some of the many aspects of this profession and I was keenly motivated to help them. Then I had the most wonderful luck to be employed in a new and exciting field – Financial Planning Coaching! Further studies in Results Coaching ensued but the practical application of the 12 session process was awesome! I coached everyone in sight and we (I and they) were delighted with the insights, learning and personal growth. The financial planners I coached unblocked those kinks that were hampering their business and naturally their production increased, but so did their job satisfaction (yes I know more money will do that but I’m talking a bit deeper here!J).

My next thought was “How can I cater to both planners and the general public?” and my answer is THIS WEBSITE. All you have to do from here is take either the planner or the “normal people J” route offered and let’s begin a new and mutually beneficial friendship.

I look forward to hearing from you and I thank you for your ongoing support.

Warmest regards,


My GREEN contribution

Travelling for business produces copious amounts of carbon emissions while using up limited natural resources. Many eco-minded companies are now using video conferencing facilities to cut down on the need for travel. Yes, it reduces cost to company and perhaps that is the motivating factor, but it is also very effectively greener.

My business has been designed to be nationally and internationally available without much travelling being necessary. My coaching system operates via telephone or Skype and my website provides online articles and information as well as emails. Travel is limited to presenting workshops, talks and in-house consulting. Any business travel carbon emissions are offset by the planting of trees and vegetables. Business travel costs are saved and this has been priced into my charges making it cheaper for YOU.

I also have two Premier Membership Sites (one for professional planners and the other for the general public)where a low monthly subscription gives you access to tons of useful information, cost savings and more personal advice and communications. This is all completely electronic and optimally ecofriendly.

And finally; I contribute 10% of all earnings to a charitable fund which combines offsetting carbon emissions with improving living conditions for impoverished people (I am personally involved. I believe that these problems don’t go away by just throwing money at them). I also allow all of my clients the ability to contribute to this by clicking on my donations link. So go ahead – click! (Once the donations link is up and running - WIP).


Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” - Jim Rohn