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I used to be Miss Jillian Kipling until i met and recently married the wonderful Mr Howard, so many of my published articles have my former surname - Kipling.

My Green Contribution:

Quoting from the book “The Tenth Insight” by James Redfield; on business ethics :

Instead of asking what product or service I can develop to make the most money, we’re beginning to ask “What can I produce that liberates and informs and makes the world a better place, yet also preserves a delicate environmental balance?”

A new code of ethics is needed in business. Coaching liberates and informs, but what am I doing to preserve our environment? Click here if you want to know J

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 Easy Financial Coaching


By now you will have heard about, come into contact with or even used a life coach yourself, so you understand vaguely what coaching is. You have probably also experienced the services of a financial advisor (or qualified planner) in some shape or form.

Where my services differ from other coaches in the coaching industry is that I specialize in financial planning because of my knowledge and skill in that area. Combine this experience with coaching skills and you can expect outstanding results. It helps you to reach your financial objectives by first being coached (to discover your strengths, weaknesses, values, reasons etc) and then applying expert planning knowledge to this framework so that you reach your goals in the best way for you.

Specifically what I do is take you through a 12 step coaching process called Results Coaching* . Briefly, this process consists of 12 one hour individual sessions where I facilitate you to understand and set your own goals (any goal that requires financing –  for example a dream you can’t achieve because you don’t know how to pay for it), develop strategies and set actions which will take you where you want to go. At the end of the 12 sessions you will also have learnt how to do this for yourself on an ongoing basis so that you are not reliant on me.  However, after that initial coaching period I offer sessions called “Dilemma Solvers” to unblock any future perceived obstructions to your financial flow & get you back on track again. Some people value my input so much that they stay on course with me after the 3 months and we consult once a month indefinitely! I also have a premier website membership that can be joined to keep you up to date, motivated and inspired on a weekly basis for your entire lifetime.

*The Results Coaching System was developed by David Rock who knew that taking action was the key to achievement and he built a successful model that gets people moving productively.

It is important to understand that I will not be giving any product advice, nor will I sell financial products to you or receive a kick back for any referrals to a financial planner or insurance / investment company. In this way you can be assured that I have no motive to sell you anything or steer your coaching in a direction that merits such products. In fact, you will see that where appropriate you will become your own financial advisor and I will only refer you to your financial planner if I believe it’s in your own best interest.

The coaching method I use (Results Coaching*) takes one hour a week per person (for 3 months) and currently costs R500 per hour. This equates to R6000 in total or R2000 per month. It’s always a tough decision to pay money so that you can generate more money but the results will last a lifetime, and remember, you are paying a professional (read “About Jillian”) not a motivational speaker.

However, if you decide professional coaching isn’t for you just yet, you can join my premier membership site for just R100pm and receive weekly newsletter articles that will definitely help you (although it won’t replace coaching) to take charge of your finances and better understand some of the tough areas like tax or investing.

Premier website membership

Why should you become a Premier member? 

Premier membership entitles you to all of the following:

·        access to my private email enabling you to ask me questions directly

·        a weekly useful information newsletter, covering many “how to” topics

·        you are free to ask me for a topic of your choice in the weekly newsletter

·        all information received from me can be forwarded to friends, relatives etc – you always know someone who could do with advice in certain areas

·        admission to an exclusive forum of like-minded people to talk with

·        you will have access to the most enlightened financial planners  in your area

·        If I can’t coach you, this is a more affordable way of gaining practical knowledge, useful advice and newsletters

·        A 10% discount on coaching which you can pocket OR donate to one of my charities OR use it to offset your carbon footprint (either yourself or by using my system in which case I do it for you)

·        If you belong to a group or club and need a speaker on financial topics, the same 10% discount applies

and there will be lots of links to interesting and free stuff that enriches your work and your life.



I look forward to becoming your financial confidant and thank you for your ongoing support J 



"WEALTH IS FREEDOM: The six great freedoms are money freedom, time freedom, relationship freedom, spiritual freedom, physical freedom and the freedom to pursue your genius!"   - Unknown