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I used to be Miss Jillian Kipling until i met and recently married the wonderful Mr Howard, so many of my published articles have my former surname - Kipling.

My Green Contribution:

Quoting from the book “The Tenth Insight” by James Redfield; on business ethics :

Instead of asking what product or service I can develop to make the most money, we’re beginning to ask “What can I produce that liberates and informs and makes the world a better place, yet also preserves a delicate environmental balance?”

A new code of ethics is needed in business. Coaching liberates and informs, but what am I doing to preserve our environment? Click here if you want to know J

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Are you just starting out and need advice on how, and in what, to invest so that you can maximise your returns and build wealth? If so, this is the book for you …

Money plays a role in nearly every aspect of our lives, and yet very few of us know how to save, where to invest and how to avoid money troubles. There are a great many questions surrounding successful investing and building wealth: where to invest, how to invest, how to diversify, who to trust, how to save on costs, which investments perform the best and yet are safe ... the list is endless. This reliable and highly accessible guide is aimed at the financial novice who needs clear basic guidelines on how to deal with money, and covers all aspects of investment that a normal person would encounter in his or her life, from earning the first salary cheque to retirement.

This book will show you that financial freedom is possible for everyone – and that means you, too!