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 Coaching Financial Planners


There is a growing recognition that business coaching achieves real results. Many well known companies in SA have followed the trend and have used life / self-improvement / business coaches and I’ll bet even some of your colleagues have used such services. Every coached person surveyed has achieved some measure of result which positively influenced their bottom line, and all of those interviewed have said that they would definitely use a coach again. All of the Financial Planners of the year (for the last 5 years at least) have been coached in some way or another.

Coaching improves the bottom line for existing financial planners, alleviating the cost and risk of continually employing new planners. But coaching also improves job satisfaction (that’s my own personal touch – I instill new zest for the role in this most important profession) as well as clarifying an overall business vision.

Where my services differ from other coaches in the coaching industry is that I specialize in financial planning because of my knowledge and skill in that area. Combine this experience with coaching skills and you can expect outstanding results.

Coupled with that is my ability to pick up a common thread of a missing skill across a group of planners and then provide a workshop to address it. For example: estate planning practical implications (if planners understand exactly what happens when an estate is wound up, they then understand the financial planning steps involved, suitable products, requirements and so much more).

I have coached (amongst others):

·  principles of successful financial planning practices who wanted to move to the next level (via expansion strategies as well as revamping centers of influence)

· new financial planners who were floundering and are now developing nicely, reaching targets and taking pride in their service offering

Coaching every planner in a practice over the same period leads to a united business vision and yet each planner achieves it in his or her own unique way. This cohesion achieves outstanding results!

Common targets achieved are:

·        improved sales

·        bigger value sales

·        improved confidence in younger or newer planners

·        improved home/work balance

·        successful recruiting

·        a clearer vision for  growth

·        better time management

·        a better understanding of how important this industry is, thereby improving job satisfaction


This industry provides many seminars and lecture sessions which add little value but take up precious time. One has no choice but to listen and learn in a one-on-one conversation with me! Even my workshops are interactive and real client cases are dealt with. I don’t teach the academics, rather how to apply them in real life.

As far as I am aware, I am the only financial planning coach consultant in South Africa and it is my intention to reach as many planners as possible to share this unique set of skills.  I want this profession to be appreciated for the value it adds for clients as well as the financial planners who serve them.

The coaching method I use takes one hour a week per person and currently costs R500 per hour. This equates to R6000 per consultant which is R2000 per month. R2000pm is nothing compared with the increase in profit after (and usually during)the coaching period.

Specifically what I do is to take each planner / advisor / manager through a 12 step coaching process called Results Coaching* . Briefly, this process consists of 12 one hour individual sessions where I facilitate (using a unique method) each person to set their own goals (one of those goals is almost always their sales target), develop strategies and set actions which will take them where they want to go. At the end of the 12 sessions they will also have learnt how to do this for themselves on an ongoing basis so that they are not reliant on me.  However, after that initial coaching period I offer sessions called “Dilemma Solvers” to unblock any future perceived obstructions to their business flow to get them back on track again. I also have a premier website membership that can be joined to keep planners up to date, motivated and inspired on a weekly basis for their entire lifetime.

*The Results Coaching System was developed by David Rock who knew that taking action was the key to achievement and he built a successful model that gets people moving productively.


In addition to this I also offer my services as:

·  a sounding board for client solutions (includes technical knowledge)

·  practical application workshops around issues such as obtaining referrals, better client engagement, deceased estates, how property syndication works, how to use wills effectively and any other relevant practical topic that I may uncover a need for

·  developing and improving financial planning methods and processes used by companies

·  consulting for and attending strategy sessions and any other planning


Financial planning is no longer about working with money that happens to belong to people. It’s about working with people who happen to have money. Teaching planners coaching skills helps them to better understand their clients. Being coached by a qualified and experienced financial planner helps them to better understand their business.

I look forward to working with your team of financial advisors, planners and managers and thank you for your ongoing support.


Premier website membership for Financial Planners

 Why should you become a Premier member?

Premier membership entitles you to all of the following:

·  access to my private email enabling you to ask me questions directly

·  a weekly useful information newsletter, covering many “how to” topics

·  you are free to ask me for a topic of your choice in the weekly newsletter

·  all information received from me can be forwarded to clients (this is where the point above can prove very useful!)

·  admission to an exclusive forum of like-minded people to network with

·  your regional contact details will be advertised on my website and you will be first referral to clients asking for financial planning services (I am 100% coach and sell no products and must refer all of my clients to a planner at some stage if they need one)

·  If I can’t coach you, this is a more affordable way of gaining practical knowledge, useful advice and newsletters for clients (Tip: the Keep In Touch principle really works!)

·  A 10% discount on coaching which you can pocket OR donate to one of my charities OR use it to offset your carbon footprint (either yourself or by using my system in which case I do it for you)

And there will be lots of links to interesting and free stuff that enriches your work and your life.

How much does it cost? I wanted to keep it as accessible as possible so I have kept the membership fee to a ridiculous R100pm. I also have a separate membership for non financial planners that your clients can join to receive top quality client focused information. And the beauty is that I am only coaching and will not steal your clients, in fact will probably refer new people to you. So spread the word – the more members, the better the networking will be.



"True wealth lies not in how much or how little money you have, but in taking the correct actions with your money to account for yesterday, today and tomorrow." -  Unknown